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What is Nodejs

It is very popular among developers because it can easily be executed on various platforms. It can handle many connections at once without blocking the execution of different tasks. It is most helpful to full-stack developers as it writes both client- and server-side code and helps developers by not making them learn a completely new language.

Node.js training

To work with NodeJS, it is important to have an understanding of web technologies such as HTML, AJAX, CSS, etc. It can easily collect data from clients through forms. NodeJS has various datatypes such as Boolean, String, Null, Undefined, and Number. In NodeJS, one does not need to specify information in a variable in advance.

Being one of the finest trainers of Node JS in Mohali, Chandigarh we teach you

  • NodeJS concepts.
  • Knowledge about different modules in NodeJS.
  • Buffers in NodeJs.
  • handling of errors.
  • Knowledge about event emitters.
  • NodeJS